Phononic Metamaterials

Our goal is to design new materials and structures that can control mechanical waves in unprecedented ways. We take a holistic modeling-experimental approach, integrating simple physics-based analytical models, high-fidelity simulations, advanced manufacturing, and experimental wave mechanics. Our current thrusts include:

3D Printed Architected Metamaterials

Current Work Architected metamaterials are materials that obtain their properties not from the parent (bulk) materials but from tailored geometry ...
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Multifunctional Lattices

Lattice materials show exotic quasi-static and wave propagation properties by virtue of their geometric configuration and periodicity. These materials have ...
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Nonlinear Phononic Materials

Phononic materials are engineered media that can manipulate waves propagating through them due to their synthetic and periodic architecture. However, ...
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Stimuli-Responsive Metastructures

Lattice-based metastructures afford a great deal of flexibility in the design of phononic systems because they have many geometric parameters ...
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